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"First People Educational Program and Arts & Crafts Workshop."
inspired by, "Mrs. Marion Hunt-Doig."


  "ǥilakas'la"    -  Welcome !

     For several years Marion studied the teachings and heritage of her Father and the Elders, Great people steeped in Heritage and Culture of British Columbia's First Peoples. After this period, Marion summoned the courage to make contact and wear her ceremonial robe in public, a robe once reserved for potlatch ceremonies only, the robe being made in a cultural button-blanket style, showing her families heritage. Even during the publicly closed Potlatches, the robes where taken off after dancing, behind a screen, and then carefully folded and stored in their respective cultural chests.

     Marion's courage and determination to spread the teachings of her respective culture would eventually lead to her developing and streamlining a First Nations Cultural Heritage Educational program which would become recognized World Wide, seeing Marion traveling to many destinations to exhibit her cultured art while educating, all around her, children and adults alike, about her treasure-full heritage.

     The teachings of this heritage immortalizes the Elders and leads to a stronger more vibrant cultural mosaic that makes the Nation of Canada and her provinces stand out proudly and unique in today’s society where all the world is a stage. A cultural trailblazer, we can only hope that the other cultures that make up the mosaic that is Canada follow Marion’s lead.Marion's unique program is part museum exhibit, part lecture and part dance recital, all designed to highlight the First Nations culture.

     “During a two hour presentation, I become the student’s grandmother and the students become native children. The native way of documenting special events and history is both verbal and visual. My program includes genuine native artifacts, legends, dances, samples of food, and so much, much more!” explains Marion, “The children learn and absorb so much more when able to see and touch the actual artifacts.The center-piece of my program are the button blankets, that I so carefully do. I'm a fabric artist, and these blankets tell the story of my family."

     Marion Hunt-Doig’s “First People’s Program” is a living example of the rich cultural heritage that is British Columbia’s past, present and future.Marion’s trailblazing is an excellent way to bridge the gaps between cultures and encourage free partnerships that only further strengthen our society and enrich our communities.

Marion Hunt-Doig
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